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Capsule 123Movies

Guy is an experienced British fighter pilot who is in command of Britain’s first manned mission to space. He has trained for this for three years at the height of the Cold War and now he is alone in space with a malfunctioning capsule. He has limited contact with the UK, some unusual communication with the US and some unorthodox communication with Roscosmos deep in Soviet Russia. Who will help him? Will he make the right choice?

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Capsule 123Movies review

It seems to me that for 2015, the Capsule movie is one of the best in its genre and I can recommend it for watching.

I really liked the soundtrack of the film, which perfectly emphasized all the advantages of the genre Drama, History, Science Fiction, Thriller.

By and large, Edmund Kingsley, Gil Kolirin, Michael Koltes, Nigel Barber, Philip Rosch (the actors who starred in Capsule) did their job to a high level, but I would also note the excellent work of the directors of .

Due to the fact that the script of the Capsule was entrusted to direct the director of , the film turned out to be very strong with many interesting moves and twists.


IMDb: 6.1

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