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Rebel Hearts

Rebel Hearts 123Movies

A group of pioneering nuns bravely stand up to the Catholic Church patriarchy, fighting for their livelihoods, convictions and equality against an all-powerful Cardinal. From marching in Selma in 1965 to the Women’s March in 2018, these women have reshaped our society with their bold acts of defiance.

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Rebel Hearts 123Movies review

Many thanks to all the cast of the movie Rebel Hearts (2021), roles were executed on 10 out of 10.

The Rebel Hearts film is one of the best Documentary films released in 2021.

The Anita Caspary, Corita Kent, Helen Kelley, Pat Reif played their roles perfectly, not least thanks to the guidance of Pedro Kos. During 99, the movie kept me on the screen, so I give it the highest mark.

Due to the fact that the script of the Rebel Hearts was entrusted to direct the director of Pedro Kos, the film turned out to be very strong with many interesting moves and twists.


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Rebel Hearts
Rebel Hearts