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Sol Invictus

Sol Invictus 123Movies

Far into the future a group of young adults are stranded on a hostile alien planet with no hope of getting home.

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Sol Invictus 123Movies review

It seems to me that for 2021, the Sol Invictus movie is one of the best in its genre and I can recommend it for watching.

I really love Science Fiction movies, which is why I chose this film and I absolutely did not regret it.

By and large, Aaron Kuban, Caleb Courtney, Jake Brown, Jake White, Sky King, Spenser Pollard, Tyler Thomas (the actors who starred in Sol Invictus) did their job to a high level, but I would also note the excellent work of the directors of Benjamin Carland.

There were a lot of films during 2021, but I would single out this film among the rest in the genre of Science Fiction, because I am a personal fan of the director Benjamin Carland .