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Starship: Apocalypse

Starship: Apocalypse 123Movies

After their failed attempt to take over the Federation war fleet, John Worthy and General Gustav are sentenced to death but they are rescued by Worthy s girlfriend, Jolli, who has control of a new Starship, The Deliverance. Meanwhile, The Overseer, Ruler of the Federation, wants to enslave the rebellious worlds with an ancient alien Nano-Virus that turns humans into mindless slaves. Starship Deliverance, Worthy and his team are all that stand in the way of total slavery of the entire human race.

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Starship: Apocalypse 123Movies review

Many thanks to all the cast of the movie Starship: Apocalypse (2014), roles were executed on 10 out of 10.

I really love Action, Science Fiction movies, which is why I chose this film and I absolutely did not regret it.

By and large, Brooke Lewis, Christina Marie Moses, Darren Jacobs, E.J. De la Pena, Philip Rosch (the actors who starred in Starship: Apocalypse) did their job to a high level, but I would also note the excellent work of the directors of Neil Johnson.

Surprisingly, the film Starship: Apocalypse has been overlooked by critics, although there are not many high-quality Action, Science Fiction films, especially since it has such a high rating on IMDB.